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Importance of Marketing

No business can survive or prosper in the now competitive market without considering marketing. It is essential to note that the laws of demand and supply are influenced largely by marketing. It is, however, key to understand that the two are dissimilar in many ways. Marketing involves certain features which are, advertising, public relations, promotions, and sales. Marketing can be explained as the activity involving the introduction and endorsement of a product or a service and inspiring sales from the purchasing market.

The goal of marketing is to make a service or merchandise popular to the market, so marketers must be innovative in their marketing activities. Every business strive to outdo each other with an aim to maximize on profits, hence making a product to be recognized by potential consumers is a daunting task.

Strategically, the business must be more customer oriented than product oriented. For a product to be noticed the personal reference of the buyers influences the sales more quality of service or product is crucial. If a marketing strategy is more customer centered, their needs will be met and will always consume the product and can even bring along recruits.

If you push more on merchandise and ignore the needs of buyers, you are likely to lose them a lot faster. Once a business loses consumers it is a lot more difficult to win them back.

It is rare for a business to think of just letting the public recognize the existence of a business in a market by themselves, unless the business has made a name for itself already. If you are a small business, the only means to get known is through marketing. You may have to put in a lot of resources on marketing, but you must bear in mind that the ultimate goal is to create company and product awareness to the market. A company has the option of utilizing numerous forms marketing approaches. The various forms of marketing will assist your product to be recognized by the buying public. Online and offline marketing are both effective in educating the market about various services and products that they can consume or utilize. It is essential that a business invests in marketing, so as not to miss out on the chances of being discovered by consumers. Marketing is usually costly but you can consider using techniques that are cost-effective like blogs and pay-per-click ads.

Not only is marketing important in creating product awareness, it also increases the number of transactions as well as the growth of income. You should air the advertisement regularly to the public, the more they come across the advertisements the more they develop curiosity about the product in the advert, this eventually will lead to the public purchasing the product.
Marketing strategies are designed to create a brand name recognition which is essential for any business that seeks dominance in the market. A good reputation attracts people and people will tend to identify with a respectable company.

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