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Men have been consuming meat with other types of foods for the longest time, it is the most common source of protein for people of different cultures. Meat is perishable and very quick on that and it calls for proper preservation measures , that is why there are preservation measures in place to help and among the ideology behind preservation methods of the present day have some traces from those used in the past. Jerky has been relied upon by people for their proteins for a long time and thanks to some qualities of this kind meat that make it what it is to many people, a trusted source of lean proteins. Jerky is a lean meat that has been trimmed of the fat and made into strips that have been dried to make them last longer. Apart from drying the meat may have salt added to it and this agent prevents any bacteria from existing on the meat.

In the modern jerky meat will be marinated in a spice rub or liquid. This product is ready to it even without further preparation making it very convenient for those who are always on the move and without places to eat out. This product will go for long without the need of any refrigeration, that’s how good the simple preservation is. Jerky comes in different types of meats that have been well processed and made into what you can buy and consume.

Moisture to meat ratio has to be well balanced if the meat is to last for as long as it’s needed. Both domestic and wild or bush meat can be used to make jerky. The reason for trimming of the fat off the meat is because it does not dry and also that it’s not that ideal if you are looking to live healthy. Among the leading consumers of jerky are people that take hikes and hunting expeditions for its qualities that adapt it to the survival lifestyle. Through learning, people are making their own jerky a the comfort of their own homes, it just takes having the right equipment and skills.

Whether its turkey, beef or chicken jerky the steps should be followed to the latter to prevent infecting the meat. As a jerky lover who would love to make their own product at home, there are preparation equipment that can fit your kitchen and that makes it easy to learn and make what you love. You need to observe a lot of hygiene and ensure that you learn how to inspect the meat before you can start the process of preparation. You can prepare the marinade by hand with a large container to hold the meat and the marinade, make sure you have the right spices in the process.

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