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Types Of Wheel Alignment And The Importance Of Wheel Alignment.

Wheel alignment is a type and also part of automobile maintenance which normally consists of adjusting and setting the angles of wheels to the specification which have been stated by the car manufacturer.

Wheel alignment adjustments enables the reduction of tire wear and also ensures that a car travels in a straight way which is true. For a vehicle to move without pulling on one side wheel alignment is necessary.Wheel alignment is also known as breaking or tracking.

A vehicle can be set in a different way as that of a manufacturer. The setting is set so as to suit the stated handling settings. Cars used for sporting purposes are adjusted in a way which exceeds the manufacturers setting.
The electronic stability systems and antilock system are forms of Driver assistance system which a modern vehicles has. Others include the lane departure warning, traction control and the adaptive cruise control.

For proper movement of a vehicle the Drive assistance system greatly helps. setting of a vehicle is made simpler by the use of ADAS. It contributes to a vehicle moving in a straight posture thus reducing the risk of an occurrence of an accident.

There are two different types of wheel alignment which include Primary Angles and Secondary angles Primary angles are the most basic wheel alignment which is relative to each other and also to the car body.This type of adjustments include the camber, caster and the toe. On some cars not all adjustments can be conducted on each and every wheel of a vehicle. Front and the rear are the ways in which the three types of adjustments can be further adjusted.

Secondary angles are many other adjustments which are carried out on a vehicles wheels. Secondary adjustments include frame angle, set back, track width difference, wheel base difference. Other secondary adjustments which are normally carried out on both wheels include; steering Axis Inclination, Toe out on turns, maximum turns, rear ride height, the front ride height.

difference between the wheel base length and the right to the left side is commonly referred to as the Setback. An angle can be used to measure a setback. A setback is said to be negligible in a circumstance when the car is turning one of the wheel is normally in front of the other wheels with few centimeters it occurs when the car set back is set below the manufacturers standards.

Different types of car models have a factory setting which is from right to left side of the wheel base the reason for this is because of the different types of car that design.An off-spec set back can occur when there is collision or when there is a difference between right and left caster. During the wheel alignment there is a specific camera which is normally used.

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